If you order your checks from Current or Checks Unlimited...examine your deposit slips immediately! There may be errors printed on your deposit slips that may stop your deposits from being credited to your account. Your deposit slips should have only two (2) sets of numbers printed on the bottom, if you have three (3) sets of numbers or are unable to tell how many sets there are please call the credit union immediately!
NOTE: You can only use check printers that we have authorized. We are not responsible for fees or liabilities incurred by a rejected item printed by an unauthorized printer.
If you order your checks through the credit union please disregard this notice.
Notice of Change Affecting Members with Checking Accounts:


Effective December 1, 2007, Bank of Hawaii is limiting the amount of cash that you may include in your HFDFCU checking account deposits made at their branches. The maximum cash that can be deposited at Bank of Hawaii to your checking account is $1,000 per day.

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