Alert: Hawaii State Employee Payroll Direct Deposit

Important Direct Deposit Information for Hawaii State Government Employees

Members who are employed by the State of Hawaii and/or who use the State of Hawaii’s new payroll system requires State of Hawaii employees to update their direct deposit account information online using the new Hawaii Information Portal (HIP) Employee Self-Service feature.

Employees of the State of Hawaii should have received a letter directly from the State of Hawaii with HIP login information.

To ensure continued delivery of your payroll by direct deposit to your Honolulu Fire Department Federal Credit Union accounts, be sure to provide these three items if prompted:

  1. HFDFCU’s Routing Number, which is 321379151
  2. Your individual HFDFCU member account number, which is a 3-, 4-, or 5-digit number*
  3. Specify Checking or Savings

*Please note:  Your HFDFCU member account number is not the same as the 10-digit number at the bottom of your HFDFCU paper checks. If you need assistance finding your HFDFCU member account number, please call us at 808-853-2355.

This change is not expected to affect Hawaii State government retirees paid through the employee retirement system.

For questions about the Hawaii Information Portal (HIP), the State of Hawaii has provided the following information: Hawaii Information Portal Center at (808) 201-7378 or visit



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