Mobile Deposit

It’s easy to use Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit makes it easy to deposit checks on the go. Use your smartphone or mobile device camera to send an image of your check, and the money goes right into your account.

Download the RescueNet Mobile App for iOS or Android devices

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Mobile Deposit Step By Step

  • Endorse your check and write “For HFDFCU Mobile Deposit” under your signature
  • Open & log-in to the RescueNet mobile app
  • Tap Deposits from main menu
  • Tap Deposit Check
  • Tap Deposit Into Account to select Savings or Checking
  • Tap Check amount to enter your individual check amount
  • Tap Take photos
  • Lay check on flat surface and fit front of check into guide box then tap on-screen camera button
  • Tap Use to confirm front check image
  • Turn over check and fit back of check into guide box then tap on-screen camera button
  • Tap Use to confirm back check image
  • Review deposit details, then tap Make deposit

Mobile Deposit Tips

  • Checks must be endorsed with “For HFDFCU Mobile Deposit” along with your signature; All checks not endorsed properly will be rejected.
  • Use a contrasting, flat surface when taking front and back images of your check.
  • Hold your camera square and straight above your check; Bad angles or images will be rejected.
  • Not all checks are accepted for mobile deposit – Refer to our Mobile Deposit Agreement
  • Don’t destroy or discard your check for at least 30 days even if your deposit has been credited.

Mobile Deposit Daily Limits

Daily deposit limits are covered in our Mobile Deposit Agreement. Be sure to review the section Transmission Limits to understand what limits apply to using mobile deposit.

Mobile Deposit Funds Availability & Daily Deposit Limits

HFDFCU’s Funds Availability Policy for mobile deposit is separate and different from our in-branch Funds Availability Policy. Be sure to review our Mobile Deposit Agreement to become familiar with the Funds Availability Policy that applies to mobile deposits.