EZPayment Portal for Payments & Fund Transfers

EZPayment Makes Loan Payments & Transfers Easy

With EZPayment, pay your loan using any Visa®, MasterCard®, or Discover® debit card or any outside savings or checking account. Use EZPayment to also transfer funds to your HFDFCU Savings Account from debit cards or outside savings or checking accounts.

Pro tip: To save on multiple convenience fees, if you’re paying more than one loan, transfer the full total to your HFDFCU Savings Account, then use RescueNet to divide those funds between multiple loans or your checking account.

Accessing EZPayment is Easy.

Access EZPayment with any desktop or mobile browser to access and verify your account.

Follow the easy steps to access EZPayment.

Access EZPayment

  1. Enter your member number (3-5 digits), then enter your birthdate (MM-DD-YYYY).

    step 1
  2. Once verified, set-up an access PIN exclusively for EZPayment.

    step 2
  3. Access the EZPayment home screen to view available loans and accounts and to also create payment methods using a card or outside account.

    step 3

Features About EZPayment