Resolve to Secure Your Information

By D M in News

Monday, January 14th, 2019

zippy's blog

Don't let your new year's resolutions exuberance cloud your judgment on how to secure your personal data.

Guard your passwords –Treat your passwords like your card PINs and never share them!

Do you trust the app or service? –Whether it’s with a mobile app, online registration, or when you authorize an automatic deduction like for gym memberships, be sure you're comfortable with committing.

Make sure you know your options if you happen to change your mind. Once you release your account information or authorize sending money even to a legitimate business, you generally won’t be able to get your money back.

Check and double check! –Be sure you’re using an app or site that matches the service you intend to use. Even a single letter or digit wrong will be problematic. When in doubt, don’t let your data out!

Open hotspots are public! –Open, "free," or public wi-fi hotspots are a no-no for when transmitting account information or personal data. They are susceptible to pirating or data "grabbing." It’s best to turn off Wi-Fi for hotspots you don’t have control over. Or use what’s called a Virtual Private Network or “VPN,” which helps encrypt any data you transmit no matter your signal source.

Monitor your accounts –Use RescueNet online and mobile to track balances and transactions and use GoToMyCard.com for credit card balances and transactions.

Tips on Privacy & Security –For additional information about online security and other useful tips, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website: www.consumer.ftc.gov